• Enjoying every second of your wedding day

    Posted on July 25, 2012

     Big day coming up? Here’s a few tips that I’ve found, and agree with, to enjoying the most out of your wedding day.


    We wrote an article a while ago that talks about minimizing stress on your wedding day. A happy bride and groom   enjoy their day. Why? Because they’re not worrying about when the flowers will arrive, or that the cake is melting… let the wedding coordinator that you hired worry about it!


    We CANNOT stress this enough! Is it possible to get family photos, wedding party photos and bride and groom photos in 30 minutes? Yes. Is it rushed? Yes. We recommend a 90-minute window (blog post about this coming soon!) for all your photos. This gives us time to gather the families and bridal party and get the photos. But then, it means that the bride and groom can go off on their own with the photographer and get great photographs. This allows for the bride and groom to be relaxed (going back to the stress free day!) and they can have a moment with their new life partner– it’s a decompressing moment prior to going back into the crazy, hectic, reception.


    How often do you get ready in your dingy old bathroom? Everyday. How often do you get married? Once in a lifetime– enjoy it! You don’t have to get a presidential suite at a hotel, but get a room that can fit all you bridesmaids and moms, either in a friends house, hotel, or wedding venue. You asked these girls to be your bridesmaids because they’re your best friends– who wouldn’t want to hang out with them and have some ‘girl time’? And don’t stick the boys in the dark basement, they’re going to have pictures taken of them too. Getting ready with the people you enjoy will set a pleasent mood for the day.


    We can’t fully document your story if we don’t have all the chapters. When we first arrive, we’ll start documenting with the little things– rings, garters, shoes, earrings, dress– so make sure you bring them to where you’re getting ready.



    The best natural light is at dusk and dawn, but we doubt you’ll be photo ready at dawn, so take a few minutes to get pictures at dusk. If your 90-minute window is around dusk, even better, but if you’re in the middle of the reception when 7 o’clock rolls around, take a minute to step outside. The soft, warm light creates unimaginable photos that you just can’t get at 12 noon.



    Again, how often do you do your hair and make-up in that dingy bathroom? Granted, your best friend may know how to do make-up, but does she know how to make it photo friendly? If so, great. If not, hire someone. Makeup changes with the type of lighting you have– flashes tend to make things blue, dusk light make things yellow/orange, etc. Professionals know this and can adjust according to what type of ceremony you’re having. It can also make you feel like you’re the most gorgeous, awesome woman on earth– but we already knew that! It’s your day, so spoil yourself.


    7. GIVE A GIFT

    Everyone loves to give and get gifts– it’s a natural hormone release in your body. That said, give your signifcant other a gift that they’ll really enjoy prior to walkind down the aisle. Does he love scotch? Get him his favorite brand (Men– brides don’t like drunk grooms, so know your limit!). What about cigars? Give him some good Cuban’s. Does she love pictures? Make a collage of your proposal. Have some jewlery that your grandma passed down? Give it to her. This gift should be something special, not just some card you pick up at the grocery store.


    Do all of these things and you’ll be wisked away into pure bliss and you’ll enjoy every minute of your big day. Enjoy!